With guitar in hand, Brendan Pafford plays an assortment of music ranging from pop hits to acoustic alternative. His original works are inspired by artists such as Twenty-One Pilots, Ed Sheeran, Jack Johnson, and Hozier. Aside from music, he is majoring in Rosen’s Entertainment Management program at UCF to gain more experience in the industry as a whole.

In 2016, he released his first singles, “This Is Me” and “Two to None (Spicy)”. In November 2017, Brendan released his debut album, “This Is Me” which featured 7 songs including “Jessie”, “The Other Kids”, and “This Is Me” which all flirt around an alternative/pop genre. “This Is Me” can be found on all music streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. (You can also click the “home” tab to check out some of his tunes.)

Currently, Brendan Pafford is working on writing and producing more original content as well as numerous collaborations with artists in the Orlando area. His next project is expected to be released in Summer 2018. Stay tuned.

“My hopes are to be successful in music; wherever it leads me.”

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